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360 video starter cameras at every price point

Check out recently recommended 360 starter kits at <$500, <$5,000 and $5,000+ price points, complete with sample 360 video clips.

This 360 video gear guide by Robert Hernandez is appropriate for newsrooms of all sizes.

New cameras are announced every week. Prices and video quality are all over the map. All this makes choosing the right camera more difficult. That’s why the most common question I get asked is “What 360 camera should I buy?” After using many, many cameras at different price points, I thought I’d finally write down my recommended 360 video starter cameras. When someone asks me this question I immediately ask what budget they have. (I’d ask what projects/stories they have in mind, but most really haven’t gone there yet.) The budget tells me the amount of risk they can afford and how many headaches they can take on in pursuit of high production. It’s not the technology that I am recommending, but the cost to achieve some level of success that encourages them to push forward and help advance this emerging medium.