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Allies are crucial in making newsrooms more inclusive

One of the keys to making our newsrooms more inclusive is fostering allyship. These are some resources to be a better ally in your organization.

Diversity efforts in newsrooms take many shapes. Some are focused in recruiting from broader sources, while others are designed to establish incentives to attain better retention rates once more diverse candidates are there. One crucial part of overall inclusion efforts, however, is fostering allyship at all levels of the organization.

Being an ally is more than just agreeing that people from historically underrepresented backgrounds are valuable and have a place in society and our industry. Being an ally means:

  • Stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Stepping up to support your friends and colleagues
  • Acting to boldly amplify new ideas and advocate for inclusion

This guide includes a list of actionable recommendations, from simple day-to-day actions to more complex tasks to be taken on by the newsroom leadership team, to be or develop better allies in newsrooms.