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The AP has updated guidelines on race-related coverage

The Associated Press Stylebook has new and revised entries on issues around diversity and inclusion. What should your newsroom know about them?

The Associated Press introduced updated guidelines in its stylebook on issues of diversity and inclusion.

The changes, announced at the ACES: The Society for Editing conference, are centered around race, ethnicity and gender, including an expanded entry on “race-related coverage”. The Associated Press Stylebook also includes revisions on the usage of the terms racist or racism.

Among its revised advice is to avoid accusatory expressions like “racially charged,” “racially motivated,” and “racially tinged”: or “similar terms as euphemisms for racist or racism when the latter terms are truly applicable.” That definition, of course, is often open to interpretation.

Read more on the new guidelines about race and accent marks on names and the full entry on race-related coverage.