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7 ways to get your COVID-19 reporting to those who need it

How can you make sure your essential reporting is reaching the public? Check out these ideas for distributing information in new ways.

The public has never needed reliable information more, but aside from dropping your news organization’s paywall, what else can you do to get your work in front of those most affected by the pandemic? In this piece for American Press Institute, engagement specialist Fiona Morgan offers ideas for distributing your reporting in new ways, from experimenting with outreach tactics to exploring different formats.

The ideas include:

  • Make a list of stakeholders and reach out to them
  • Share your stories with affected groups where they are
  • Translate stories
  • Make stories visual
  • Print stories
  • Get the reporting on-air
  • Give your members/subscribers/fans something to do

Read on for examples of how individual newsrooms are doing this work.