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Frictionless checkouts for digital subscriptions

Kunle Campbell shared key points to encourage potential subscribers to finish the checkout process, or at the bare minimum, fork over their email address. This technical and tactical guide comes complete with screenshots outlining UX best-practices from his Facebook Local News Subscription Accelerator session.

“Less is more,” especially when it designing a checkout flow.

Kunle Campbell shared these insights with the Facebook for Local News Subscriptions Accelerator about how to reduce the chances that a clunky checkout process hurts conversion rates. He recommends prioritizing email address capture, easy payment options, and thumb-friendly mobile design. Those strategic goals come packaged with technical recommendations (and screenshots) for building more responsive web-forms with details that decrease a user’s time investment.

The gem here is to get the email address as both a start to the transaction and a conversion within a conversion. That email address allows later follow-ups and potential subscription revenue.

“Email is nectar and a KPI. Your sole purpose at this stage [the beginning of the checkout process] is to acquire email info. It is your micro-conversion. People will drop off, just be sure you capture their email.”