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How to handle the major donor “ask”

A high-dollar donor shares how they like to be approached.

What happens after you identify prospects, build relationships, and demonstrate value? The “ask.” This piece outlines the final ask for funds from the perspective of a major donor, right down to the details about where to meet the prospective donor.

“If the organization (CEO or major gift officer) has done their job right, then I will have a good idea what I’m going to be asked for in our meeting. They should be talking to me and showing me the project well in advance. But what I like to do at the meeting is ask as many questions as I can to see if THEY are really passionate about what they want me to give to. If I sense that they are not as passionate as I am, I back away. However, if I see they have done their homework, and they tell me how my gift will change lives and how it will help the organization into the future, I’m going to want to give to that project.”