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Why Instagram is effective for reaching millennial women

Bustle, which has effectively reached its target audience through Instagram, conducted research to better understand its audience and discover which platforms to connect to them.

Bustle, a millennial-focused publisher, has found its own success with using Instagram to appeal to its target audience. And research conducted by Bustle reveals why: 81 percent of Bustle’s survey respondents said social media is the most effective way for brands and publishers to reach them, and of those respondents, 40 percent said they thought Instagram was the best social platform for connecting. 

“The whole thing about Bustle is the authenticity and the realness to what we do. We want to make sure that we have the best data possible about our own readers. We need to know what the readers who are consuming our content think,” said Jessica Tarlov, senior director, research and consumer insights at Bustle.