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How to make money off a niche content vertical

Niche content can be valuable to advertisers and readers alike.

Endeavoring to profit off of niche content is no simpler than trying to make money off of news in general. But niche content can offer some advantages. Take the example of “Extra Crispy” from Time Inc.

“If Extra Crispy feels a bit like a marketing stunt as well, that’s because it kind of is. But it is at least a stunt with a team of 18 (!) and a whopping 51 breakfast- and brunch-related stories at launch.”

This resource is brief and will serve more as an introduction to Extra Crispy and The Foundry, Time Inc’s innovation arm. But the idea is relatively simple: Build a news brand that will cater to a very specific audience, and the revenue will come. That brand must be hyper-specific, easy to understand and distinct from its competitors. The “revenue” part still requires honing the monetization expertise we highlight in other parts of Better News. But perusing Time Inc.’s experience with Extra Crispy and its other vertical projects will help you determine how to launch niche verticals with specific audiences in mind.