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How the New Yorker grew its vertical email newsletters

Email can be a very effective tool when targeting specific audiences and building sub-brands.

This is a brief case study about the New Yorker and its strategy around increasing reach and engagement through email. The lessons here are applicable to any news outlet, no matter the size, that has a brand valuable to a specific audience. By growing its primary, daily newsletter product, the New Yorker was also able to grow smaller, vertical-specific newsletters. Those products were A/B tested to increase user engagement and awareness “to make them more sticky with readers.”

Your news organization will have to consider what resources it has to devote to an engagement strategy like this. And you will still need to define the audience you hope to reach with a targeted product like email newsletters. But this is a useful way to begin thinking strategically about how to segment your readers into different audiences who can be connected with through distinct email products.