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Organize your newsroom’s internal documents with this tool

The New York Times built a tool based on Google Docs to manage their internal documentation. Now, you can use it in your newsroom too.

The New York Times has created an internal library of documents to help organize best practices, processes, streamline workflows and foster collaboration within its newsroom. Instead of building a solution removed from the tools that the staff was already using, they developed one based on Google Docs, to lower the barrier of entry.

To add a page to Library, you simply create a new Google Doc, or move an existing document into the folder or team drive that powers Library. Existing pages feature a convenient link that enables quick access to the Google Docs interface for any particular document, and editing the Google Doc makes changes to the page in Library.

The tool, which makes shared documents searchable, able to be tagged and grouped by desks or categories, is now available to the open source community, so more newsrooms can adopt it.