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Why do people pay for news?

The three major reasons readers decide to pay for news and the four major benefits they get from doing so.

A treasure-trove of information, this report is a fundamental document for understanding, in general, why people pay for news. Your audience’s demographics and interests may vary, but understanding what turns someone from interested in your news enterprise to paying for it is the key idea to begin shaping now.

You’ll find the top three reasons people end up paying for news:

  • they’re looking for a source that covers a particular topic or issue;
  • their family or friends read it; or
  • they saw a promotion for it.

You’ll also find the top four benefits that readers say they get:

  • content that’s only available to subscribers;
  • coupons or discounts;
  • the good feeling they get from contributing;
  • access to print in addition to digital content.  

You’ll note that news “seekers,” those who dedicate time to find news, are far more likely to pay than “bumpers,” who collide with news on their travels around the Internet.