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How platform distribution strategies affect everything from design to video

Here’s how one publisher redesigned its website with distributed content strategies in mind.

When Vox Media’s Racked launched its redesign in late 2016, it did so with a renewed focus on distributed content.

“We’re training our team—our reporters, our editors, and our video team—everyone who is bringing their ideas to to Racked, encouraging them to think in a platform-agnostic way,” Racked’s editor Britt Aboutaleb said in an interview with NiemanLab. “What is the story you want to tell and then from there what is the best way to tell that story? That might mean a 2,000 word feature, it might mean a video, it might mean a newsletter-first feature.”

In addition to redesigning its website, Racked has experimented with different platform strategies, from Facebook to email newsletters, and is sharing lessons with Vox Media’s other brands.