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What social media metrics should I track?

One of the most exciting aspects of digital and social media marketing is also one of the most challenging, since it’s always changing. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter constantly release new features, policy changes and algorithm updates that influence the way we approach our campaign tactics. The key to optimizing your social media performance is data.

“The key to optimizing your social media performance is data. Measuring your results from these campaigns is always a top priority. The main challenge is figuring out which metrics are most important and how to apply them.”

This resource reviews how to track results on social media platforms, particularly Facebook. This is critical for almost any digital goal of a modern newsroom. Social media is often how many occasional users will first interact with your brand. By understanding what they’re interested in and what they respond to, you can increase interest and engagement. Ultimately, tracking them effectively on social media will result in better conversion to your site, encouraging email signups and more.