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Techniques for using Slack to improve newsroom collaboration

Some ideas from leading digital publishers on using Slack to help foster efficient communication and manage aspects of newsroom workflow.

This article shares some examples of how several digital-first newsrooms are integrating the real-time messaging app Slack into their publishing workflow:

  • Quartz uses an “assignments” channel for transparency into what everybody is working on and a “production” channel for stories to be edited. (They also stress the importance of grooming to manage channel sprawl.)
  • Vox Media employs a Slack bot to report when a story is published and by whom.
  • Slate has a channel called “headlines and framing”, where anyone can ask for feedback on headline ideas. (Many other news organizations have this as well.) They also have a “whereabouts” channel where staffers can let the team know where they are, and a breaking news channel where anything posted automatically pings the responsible on-call editors.
  • Thought Catalog encourages staff to disable notifications in Slack, which can be a frequent distraction if not managed well.