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Shaping the right staff roles and skills for your newsroom

Subscribe to Updates Legacy news organizations cannot survive or thrive without the blend of staff roles and skills required to do the work needed to serve audiences in today’s digitally mediated reality. Building the needed staff roles and capabilities demands that you (1) define the specific roles, jobs, skills, behaviors, etc., that are needed to succeed; (2) assess the baseline for where you are now versus what you need; and (3) close these gaps by holding people accountable; (4) focusing on performance; and (5) monitoring and adjusting role and skill requirements as the news game evolves.

Big Picture A primer on shaping the right staff roles and skills for your newsroom

This section focuses on how you must hold already employed staffers accountable for specific results that arise from learning, practicing and excelling at required skills, behaviors, attitudes and working relationships.

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Do Steps to take now to improve skills and capabilities in your newsroom