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Trends in high net worth giving

Dive into research on giving motivations of wealthy contributors to help formulate your major donor strategy.

This research delves into the underlying decision-making and world-view of wealthy donors, which is a perfect starting point to developing a strategy to engage them in effective ways. The section starting on page 35 outlines decision making of high net worth individuals. Interestingly, the research shows that this class of donors often give more when they’re involved in volunteering for the organization.

“An important finding is that a majority of high net worth individuals draw upon their values when determining which nonprofits to support financially (78.3 percent). A sizeable share of wealthy donors also base their giving decisions on being interested in the issue area (64.2 percent), having firsthand experience with the organization (55.1 percent), the recognizability or reputation of the organization (51.0 percent), and the perceived need of the organization or issue area (50.0 percent).”