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Trust in media is up, especially in local news.

The Poynter Media Trust Survey found trust in media has increased since last year after having been declining for years, particularly in local news sources.

Poynter’s 2018 Media Trust Survey has interesting findings, which show an overall increase in trust in media. When looking at the numbers in detail, the survey shows differences in local vs. national media as well as across partisan lines.

The new Poynter Media Trust Survey found 76 percent of Americans across the political spectrum have “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust in their local television news, and 73 percent have confidence in local newspapers. That contrasts with 55 percent trust in national network news, 59 percent in national newspapers and 47 percent in online-only news outlets.

For local news organizations, increased trust represents opportunities to better engage their audiences and boost subscription and advertising revenue.

Read the full research paper for additional data points and information.