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This “Trust Protocol” can help ensure high standards and trust in your news organization

Honoring this matrix of priority trust indicators and editorial attributes can demonstrate to your audience the trustworthiness of your news organization as well as help distribution platforms find and elevate your work.

The Trust Protocol was developed by journalist Sally Lehrman, senior director of the Trust Project at Santa Clara University, based on user research and with the input working groups of top editors from around the world. “At the Trust Project we want to fight fake news, pop filter bubbles and elevate high quality, ethically produced news so both the public and news distribution platforms can find it easily.”

Essentially the protocol calls on news organizations to instill trust by practicing radical transparency, publishing detailed information about the genealogy of each piece of journalism produced. The link provided with this summary goes directly to a chart of eight core Trust Indicators and their many attributes, as well as editorial guidance for each. The indicators include: Best Practices, Author/Reporter Expertise Information, Type of Work, Citations and References, Methodology, Local Reporting, Diverse Voices, and Actionable Feedback.