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How video is affecting journalism

How the rise of video content is changing both the role of journalism and how journalism is consumed.

This is a fascinating series of edited interviews with journalists from a variety of outlets — The Washington Post, CNN, Vox, the Atlantic, and Politico, among others — about the future of news and the role of video. Interviewees were asked about how the massive increase in video consumption changes the way we digest information, what it means for content creators, and how news be thought of differently.

So, what’s next? That is literally the million-and-then-some dollar question that editors, creators, and strategists alike have been trying to predict. Well, more and more it looks like at least part of this complex question is being solved due to the ever-growing focus on video content. While the use of video to relay news is not a new concept, it can certainly be agreed upon that we are experiencing a unique transition as video is being relied on more and more to tell stories and engage audiences.