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What’s happening right now to rebuild trust in journalism?

This guide summarizes the work of a handful of groups and institutions that are grappling with the trust and journalism question full-time, as well as some potential funding sources and tools in development to support newsrooms interested in providing greater transparency to their audiences.

This helpful list includes a section on Restoring Trust, with summary descriptions of the scope of work of four initiatives currently underway including the News Integrity Initiative at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, The Trust Project, funded in part by Craig Newmark as part of craigconnects’ Trustworthy Journalism Initiative, Trusting News at the Reynolds Journalism Institute, and the Accountability Journalism Program at the American Press Institute.

Other sections list projects whose scope might include but not be limited to trust in journalism, as well as potential funding sources for initiatives including rebuilding trust in journalism, and tools in various stages of development to support those efforts.

The document lists resources for both U.S. and global journalism outlets, where some of the projects now underway suggest opportunities for trans-continental collaboration, and/or inspiration for similar work here.