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What will it take to bring marketers and journalists together?

Begin your approach to reaching new audiences by tearing down a wall — the one between editorial and marketing.

For print publications, audience development is primarily the function of a circulation or marketing department. But in a digital era, engaging audiences has moved into the newsroom, where reporters, editors, social media specialists and others take on different roles to ensure that content indeed sells their products. For the Nieman Lab’s 2017 predictions of the year, Anita Zielina, chief product officer for NZZ Media Group, says it’s time for journalists, marketers and others to meet at the same table when it comes to reaching audiences.

“Our content sells our products, so the people who are in charge of sales need to be close to the content creators,” she writes. “Diverse teams on the intersection of technology, marketing, product and journalism will help make our paywalls and digital subscription models effective.”