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5 things publishers should know before addressing audience loyalty

Parse.ly CEO Sachin Kamdar discusses the most important things publishers should know about audience loyalty -- including keeping a focus on the big picture and how loyalty translates into business results.

Parse.ly CEO Sachin Kamdar writes that publishers that capture audience loyalty are the ones who will succeed in the future. In his post on Parse.ly’s blog, Kamdar outlines five areas that publishers should know when it comes to building loyalty, starting with how “loyal readership comes from building a strong relationship between you and your reader.”

He also suggests that audience loyalty proves that digital media companies are more focused on long-term sustainability than short-term optimization.

These solutions to create and deepen relationships with readers aren’t quick-fixes. They can’t be gamed by clever headlines or boosted by slideshows. They require longer term commitments and investments in research and understanding of audiences that’s shared throughout the organization.