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Staffing and workflow

Subscribe to Updates Most of us work in environments of shrinking budgets and rising digital expectations, when the inefficiencies that we might have tolerated in previous eras are no longer sustainable. We can’t afford to be covering the wrong things or doing it in formats that aren’t all that useful to our audiences. So we need to work on our batting average: If 20% of our staff’s effort is responsible for 80% of our performance, how can we learn from what’s working best and use that knowledge to change the rest of what we do? It starts with studying people, both inside and outside of our organization in search of answers to the following questions: What work are we doing, how are we doing it and how is it being received by the people we aim to serve?

Big Picture A primer on staffing and workflow

Most of the important things we can do to improve audience, revenue, and mission performance revolve around the daily work of the staff, which is a newsroom’s greatest resource: What should we do? Who should do it? When should we do it? And how should we do it?

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