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Subscribe to Updates News enterprises, particularly those bound by geography (locals, regionals and metros), must do more than provide journalism. Your purpose must also extend to fostering experiences and conversations and convening community for the purposes of problem-solving and connection. Participating in or hosting in-person events can help news organizations deepen their relationships with casual audiences and attract new ones, while using digital platforms such as livestreaming and text-based tools to bring live events to larger audiences creates the sort of real-time, appointment-based engagement that is increasingly scarce in an oversaturated media environment. When used strategically, events can not only drive audience and engagement and provide strong marketing for your brand, but also generate significant revenue for the larger organization.  

Big Picture A primer on live events

In-person gatherings can bolster brands, reach new audiences, deepen relationships with existing audiences, provide feedback from the community and drive revenue, among other purposes.

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