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Capture email addresses to drive subscriptions

Email is key to reaching individual readers and measuring the success of subscription marketing. This primer from API's Reader Revenue Toolkit covers technical and programmatic approaches to email capture.

Email, as ancient a technology as it seems, is a key tool for news organizations to cultivate reader revenue. As part of their ongoing Reader Revenue Toolkit, The American Press Institute summarized best practices for collecting and using email addresses from readers.

The reason newsrooms should invest in email is simple. “Email is also a one-to-one interaction, unlike social media, that is private and personal. It is easy to tailor, test and track; which lends itself to ongoing improvements and insights. Email products such as newsletters build loyalty and correlate more strongly to converting new subscribers than any other medium.”

Tactics outlined by Vargas range from the technical (on site pop-ups) to the big picture relationship between events and email collection, complete with screenshots and mini-case studies.