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An example of a code of ethics for native advertising

The Texas Tribune’s Code of Ethics includes a section on how paid content is handled and what readers can expect.

The Texas Tribune’s code of ethics includes a section focused on how it handles paid content on its op-ed/commentary site TribTalk. 

Sponsorships and Advertising

  • The Tribune accepts corporate sponsorships, underwriting and, within permissible limits, advertising that does not compromise its editorial integrity. All such support, including future “sponsored content,” must be clearly and obviously distinguished from editorial content. Any sponsor or advertiser messages that contain false or unlawful content, or that the Tribune believes undermines its integrity, mission or brand, may be removed at the Tribune’s discretion. All corporate support will be solicited by the Tribune’s business staff, and no sponsored content will be produced by Texas Tribune employees. Present and past corporate sponsors are listed by amount and by year here.


  • The Texas Tribune publishes TribTalk, an opinion and commentary section that posts columns solicited from and authored by thought leaders across the political and policy spectrum. No Tribune reporters or editors write for or contribute to TribTalk. TribTalk editors have the sole discretion to choose which submitted columns are accepted for publication; Tribune sponsors and donors play no role whatsoever in determining the editorial content of TribTalk or influencing the choices made by its editors.
  • TribTalk will include columns clearly labeled as “paid placement,” and visually differentiated to prevent readers from confusing them with independent editorial content. These columns are produced by corporate supporters of the Tribune who contract with its business staff to post them on TribTalk. They’re the digital equivalent of “advertorials” in newspapers and magazines. The points of view expressed don’t reflect those of the Tribune, and the corporate supporters who place them in no way affect the Tribune’s editorial decisions.