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How NBC News is experimenting with targeted content for targeted audiences

As the website experiments with targeted content for specific audiences, it's also testing out services that will serve its broader audiences.

After launching three verticals in 2017, NBC News has turned to these sections of its website to experiment with new features and tactics and to determine the best content for different audience segments.

The verticals—Mach, Better and Think—were launched as part of NBC News‘ strategy to become more responsive to audience needs. The sites publish about 200 posts per month, yielding 15 million unique users per month.

NBC News is bringing more specific content to broader audiences based on the success with specific segments. One example: Increased arts and entertainment news and analysis. Music and TV reviews performed well with its audience for Think, the vertical dedicated to opinion.

Similarly, NBC News tested out a website design meant to increase users’ time on the site on Better—the vertical dedicated to health, wellness and productivity—before incorporating it into the sites for NBC News, MSNBC and Today.