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Tips for establishing a successful community advisory board

Add the voice of the community to your newsroom with valuable lessons from Canopy Atlanta, the Greensboro News & Record, the San Diego Union-Tribune and more.

The American Press Institute created an outline for implementing a community advisory board in newsrooms. It answers the essential question of: What does a community advisory board do? You can learn more about the San Diego Union-Tribune’s community board selection criteria and hear from Joy Mayer of Trusting News about how to make participating on a community advisory board more accessible. Canopy Atlanta even creates community advisory boards for different neighborhoods. 

Researching veteran and rookie community advisory boards from across the country, this piece covers:

How to recruit an advisory board that reflects the diversity of your community

Tips for running productive, meaningful board meetings

How your newsroom can demonstrate accountability to the board

Considerations for successfully making the case for a community advisory board to your newsroom’s leadership

It’s important to remember to set specific goals attached to your board and make a business case for implementation. This piece can help you begin that journey.