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Funnel occasional users to habitual and paying loyalists

Subscribe to Updates Guide your audience through the stages of a “funnel:” from random/occasional use, to increasing use, to habitual use, to paying for your content/products/services – and to valuing your brand and content enough to recommend it to others. Use the same step-by-step funnel approach to maximize value you get from advertising as well as any other ways you earn revenue from users/customers. Do this through the focused use of data and analytics, technology, content and platform tactics, multiple types and approaches of “offers” and “asks,” and continuous testing.

Big Picture A primer on why news organizations must funnel occasional users to habitual and paying loyalists

Only the newsroom (in collaboration with technology and tool-building colleagues) can attract and retain audiences that pay for content and are desired by advertisers. No one else can do this.

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Plan Understand the gaps in your news organization and how to close them