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A guide to winning grants to fund your journalism

This guide captures the dynamics and practicalities of pursuing a chunk of the growing pool of grant funding for news. One part how-to, one part roadmap, one part reference, the sum of the parts is an efficient and application-ready toolkit for news organizations who are beginning to explore grants.

Jane Elizabeth, Managing Editor, The News & Observer and The Herald-Sun, Billy Conques, McClatchy Strategic Business Operations, Alma Washington of News Revenue Fund, Elizabeth Thompson of UNC-Chapel Hill, and the McClatchy SBO Legal Department authored this grant guidebook with support from the Table Stakes training program, which is managed by the American Press Institute and funded through The Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation Fund. 

This step by step guide walks news organizations through the process capturing a piece of the estimated $300 million in grants journalism projects and the interest growing pool of funders interested in funding news.

The guide covers the finer points of finding grants that fit your organization’s goals, building relationships with funders, crafting effective grant applications, and stewarding grant funding well. 

Elizabeth and collaborators’ advice from how to handle a grant rejection to how to draft a budget accompanies a concise glossary of philanthropy lingo in this one-stop reference. 

You can also hear all about it on the It’s All Journalism podcast.