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How to find your target audiences and use data to reach them

Analytics platform Parse.ly provides a beginner’s guide for getting to the bottom of who your target audience is and what they need from you.

You know by now that finding a target audience is part of your growth strategy, but how do you actually do it? Parse.ly, which provides analytics platforms for media companies, has published a list of questions to ask about your target audience, from “Who is reading your work?” to “Where else do your readers live online?”

Through a five-part guide, Parse.ly takes you through defining your audience, picking your goals, and making use of the data at your disposal.

“Knowing more about the preferences and needs of your readers can give you insight into the actions they are likely to take,” the guide states. “Using this information to help you select topics, choose the medium or form of a story, and even decide which sources to consult, makes it more likely that the audience will connect with the content.”