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Mexico-based Pictoline’s graphic explainers thrive on social media (and advertisers love them too)

A fascinating example of a site that operates essentially like a creative agency -- and drives the majority of its revenue through paid content.

Pictoline’s model couldn’t have existed without digital delivery, clever partnerships, and new forms of paid content. It’s wild profitability rests on sponsored content delivered as infographics and animations, which is a clear demonstration of how powerful this kind of revenue can be when undertaken thoughtfully and with content that meets audiences’ needs. In this case, colorful, cute, informative, mobile-friendly infographics.

“Identifiable for its short visual explainers — called ‘bacons’ as a nod to the company’s pig mascot — distributed across social media platforms, the Mexico-based company has found a successful business model in sponsored content to undergird its labor-intensive art.”