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Case study: Pooling resources to cover state government

This case study offers insights on how three news organizations are collaborating in a joint bureau to cover state government in Oregon.

In 2014, Pamplin Media Group, Publisher of the Portland Tribune, and EO Media Group, publisher of the East Oregonian, began collaborating to cover Oregon’s government. Now recently launched, The Salem Reporter, is joining them to form the Oregon Capital Bureau, a project to continue covering the state government with a focus on entrerprise reporting

“We can do a lot more together than if we were trying to compete with each other to try to provide the same in-depth coverage and get people to pay for the service or sponsor the service,” said Mark Garber, president of Pamplin Media Group.

Among the lessons they have learned that will shape this project are:

  • streamlining how stories are submitted
  • cutting down on duplication
  • the value of collaboration to extend existing resources
  • access to new audiences

Read more about how the organizations are managing their reporters and editors as well as what this project means for competition among the publishers.