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Diversify subscriber recruitment beyond email

No single approach, even email marketing, can be the sole source of subscriber growth and consumer revenue. News organizations should connect with prospective subscribers, both on and offline with a diversified strategy. Gwen Vargo unpacks a portfolio of techniques through mini-case studies.

Robust subscriber recruitment should include email marketing, but not depend entirely on its conversion rate to drive consumer revenue. “Email campaigns, while effective, rely on having a list, which takes time to assemble. Also, emails can only be sent to a known universe of prospects, whereas other marketing channels expand the audience potential. Multiple approaches can complement each other.”

This roundup of techniques, complete with screenshots of effective user interfaces, outlines effective subscription appeals in online calls to action, refer-a-friend programs, dynamic meters, free and low-cost trials, and partnerships.

Bottom line: a mini-publisher approach with proper attention paid to the top and middle of the funnel yields more consumer revenue.