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Membership-driven transformation distilled

Based on his work transforming news organizations, Tim Griggs distills the essential elements of successful membership-driven news organizations. He adds a simple outline for the all-important gaps-assessment meeting for those just getting started. This outline is a good starting point for understanding the table stakes for membership-driven news organizations.

There’s plenty written about transforming a news organization from an ad-driven business model to a membership-driven organization, but little about where and how to start or what to prioritize.

Tim Griggs distills the ten ingredients for beginning and accomplishing that transformation, from identifying and delivering value to active listening.

This short read includes the all-important meeting outline to assess an organization’s current state. (Griggs insists that teams see these areas of focus and the state of their organization with clear eyes.) He includes a quick exercise for getting a team started.

“A practical application of this: Pull your team together and identify the extent to which you have “gaps” in each of these areas. You can do that visually by using Harvey balls, for example, or a numeric tally (say, 1–4, with 1 meaning a monumental gap and 4 being no gap at all.) Have your colleagues score your organization, too. Where are you in agreement? Where do you differ? Talk about why… Then, consider coming back to this exercise after some period of time (say 3–6 months). Have you closed the gaps?”