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Your phone as multimedia toolkit: five keys to remember

Five practical tips to remember when using your phone to shoot photos and video or to record audio.

Mobile journalism isn’t just on the consumption side. It’s also a key part of a journalist’s toolkit. Many multimedia journalists rely on their smartphones to shoot photos and video and to record audio. These five tips will help them avoid the most common problems.

  • For video shooters, unless the video is specifically for a mobile audience, hold the phone horizontally. This will make the video more suitable for a wide variety of devices.
  • Put the phone in airplane mode. This will keep interruptions (calls, texts, alerts) from wreaking havoc with your work. Plus, vibrations from alerts can jiggle otherwise still video.
  • The microphone is relatively low quality, so get close to your subjects so they can be heard.
  • Make sure your subject is well lit.
  • And lastly, be sure to stabilize your phone. Light as it may be, holding it for extended periods will introduce all kinds of movement that can nauseate your viewers.