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Inspire trust, convert readers with well-designed subscription offer pages

Gwen Vargo from API rounds up examples of well-converting offer pages to demonstrate how their design influences trust and encourages conversion. Design choices at this important stage in the funnel can make or break subscription rates.

In another installment of the Reader Revenue Toolkit, Gwen Vargo from The American Press Institute unpacks the reader motivations at play in this critical step in the subscription funnel (funnels organize the steps to convert readers into subscribers or members, as we outline in Table Stake #4).

The curated list of UI examples from the world of news and software illustrates how design can emphasize the best offer, allow readers to visually compare options, and put interactivity to work. Regardless of the angle, these elements should allow a potential customer to quickly decide whether or not to buy and move on to payment.

The best subscription offer pages inspire trust. Language is clear and straightforward. Options address different customer needs. Clean layouts and user-friendly design make it a breeze for readers to find the product that is right for them and move on to registration and payment.