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Newsroom analytics: A primer

Gone are the days when pageviews were a primary metric for determining success, particularly at digital news enterprises that are geographically bound.

No single data point is useful in isolation. But evaluating the right metrics can answer important questions about audience behaviors. The challenge is separating the metrics you need from the plethora of available data — and knowing how to analyze it.

Different digital analytics are important to different operations. You need to determine what your organization is trying to accomplish and, in turn, what metrics will help you monitor progress toward your goals. The key analytics should align with your organizational goals, helping to inform your editorial, growth and revenue strategies.

Monitoring the right data can also help you improve your digital presence to better engage your audience. By understanding which forms of engagement are working, you can invest more in the strategies and campaigns that are paying off and cut the ones that aren’t. Implementing these strategies and tactics effectively can convert your most engaged followers into paying supporters or subscribers.